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The best ice bucket challenge yet
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A hint of Summer in Central Park.

Photography by Jose Tutiven

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"Your success and happiness lie in you."

- Helen Keller (via observando)

"From a certain point onward there is no longer any turning back."

- ― Franz Kafka (via psych-quotes)

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What are your goals in life? And why are those goals important to you?

My goals are to push myself so that I can do the best, and be able to do the things I love and make them my own career. Why? Because I do believe I can do even better than I can imagine and I believe we all have the potential to achieve the greatness. I want to see what I can really do. Secondly, if I work what I love, I will enjoy working so much and so attentively and most importantly be so happy for what I do every day. 

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simple | Fawn DeViney 

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